Ertugrul Saga
Ertugrul Saga: Season 3

Ertugrul Saga: Season 3

The fledgling Kayi tribe is struggling financially in their new land. The Cavdars offer assistance, but can they be trusted? Between Vasilius, the bloodthirsty commander of Karacahisar castle, and Sadettin Kopek, who will sacrifice anything for personal gain, it appears that there is no way out. Eight questions. Can you find a way?

Eyvallah, start the quiz below!


Hai masha Allah – the Kayi are victorious once again! Hanli Bazaar has been captured, Vasilius is no more. Forward, on the road to justice, forward! Play Ertugrul Saga: Season 4  
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You’ve made too many mistakes. The situation is dire. But worry not –  some quick thinking and decisive action will surely douse the fire. Play Ertugrul Saga: Season 3 again or Skip to Ertugrul Saga: Season 4




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#1. Which Byzantine commander wanted to marry Hafsa Hatun after he killed her father?

#2. Who was the original owner of Hanli Bazaar before Ertugrul overthrew him?


#3. Who let slip a secret that resulted in Dogan Alps death?

#4. What name did Ertugrul give to the son of Dogan Alp?

#5. Who was responsible for the burning of the Kayi rugs being transported to Constantinople under the protection of Turgut Alp?

#6. What skill does the Cavdar Tribe possess?

#7. What did Candar Bey suggest to Ertugrul in order for them to strengthen the ties between the tribes?

#8. Who was Aliyar Bey's most trusted Alp?


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