The REAL Ertugrul story
How well do you know the REAL Ertuğrul?

How well do you know the REAL Ertuğrul?

Which parts of Dirilis: Ertugrul were based on fact, and which parts were purely fictional?

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While some historians are of the opinion that Ertugrul was the son of Suleiman Shah, others are of the view that he was the son of...

1. Kurdoglu
2. Sungurtekin
3. Oghuz
4. Gunduz

Turns out the famous line "Suleiman Shah oğlu Ertugrul" may not hold true after all. If the latter view is indeed true, it would appear that Ertugrul named his eldest son after his father.

The early death of which character contradicts reliable historical reports?

1. Halime
2. Aykiz
3. Tugtekin
4. Dogan

It appears that Halime Sultan's character was killed off due to the actress having to leave the show. Ertugrul is recorded to have only married once and Ilbilge Hatun is thus a purely fictional character.

Who did the legendary Bamsi Beyrek marry, according to Turkish folk history?

1. A Byzantine princess
2. The daughter of a Bey
3. An accomplished woman called Banu Cicek
4. Gokce Hatun

Talk about a plot twist! The historical Bamsi Beyrek is a hero in Turkish folklore (just like Banu Cicek) but is not known to have had any association with Ertugrul. Feeling as if you've been lied to? The tale of Bamsi's pursuit of Banu Cicek will definitely cheer you up (link at the end of the quiz). 

Artuk Bey was a prolific figure both in history and in the series. Which of the the following is NOT known to be true of the real Artuk Bey?

1. He was appointed as Governor of Jerusalem
2. He was a commander of the Seljuk Empire
3. He was a leading scientist and medical doctor
4. His full name was Zaheer-ul-Daulah Artuk Bey

Though Artuk Bey features prominently in Seljuk history, his depiction in the show is fictitious. It is understood that he lived in the time period before Ertugrul (in the time of Alp Arslan). It seems that the makers of Dirilis: Ertugrul paid homage to well-known historical figures by including them in the show, though they are not known to have met Ertugrul. 

Which Alp has a town in Turkey named after him?

1. Abdur Rahman Alp
2. Samsa Alp
3. Bamsi Alp
4. Turgut Alp

The town of Turgutalp in Turkey's Manisa Province honours the heroic Turgut Alp - who is is said to have died during battle, at the age of 125 (yes, you read correctly), with his legendary axe in hand.

According to some historians, Ertugrul had...

1. only 2 sons - Gunduz and Osman
2. a daughter by the name of Aslihan
3. another son named Saru Batu
4. Osman from Ilbilge Hatun

Let's just say record-keeping was a little murky back then.

Historically speaking, Abdurrahman Alp...

1. fought under the leadership of Ertugrul, Osman and Orhan, the son of Osman
2. was martyred soon after the passing of Suleiman Shah
3. became Chief Alp during the reign of Ertugrul
4. was martyred while fighting alongside Osman

Other Alps who have also served under the trio are Turgut Alp and Samsa Alp (known as Samsa Cavus in Kurulus Osman).

Which woman, born of Byzantine nobility, left behind a rich architectural legacy in Anatolia?

1. Colpan Hatun
2. Hafsa Hatun
3. Isadora
4. Mahperi Hatun

Pictured above is the Mahperi Hatun caravansaray in Tokat, Turkey.

History remembers Sadettin Kopek to be every bit as crafty as he is portrayed on-screen. Which of the following is NOT known to be true about the real Sadettin Kopek?

1. He claimed to be Sultan Alaeddin's illegitimate half-brother, thereby entitling him to be the Sultan
2. He conspired with Mahperi Hatun to install Giyaseddin as the Sultan
3. He was believed to be behind the death of Sultan Alaeddin
4. His continued betrayal and ceaseless pursuit of power was put to an end by Ertugrul Bey

It is not confirmed that Ertugrul ever met Sadettin Kopek. However, the role of Husamettin Karaca in killing Sadettin Kopek is well established. 

Ertugrul Ghazi's tomb can be found in...

1. Söğüt
2. Konya
3. Inegol
4. Istanbul

The tombs of Halime Sultan, Dundar Bey and Samsa Alp are also found in Söğüt.

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Take the quiz and see how much you know!

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