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The Ultimate Bamsi Quiz

The Ultimate Bamsi Quiz

How well do you know Bamsi Beyrek?

Disclaimer: This quiz is based on the fictional character Bamsi Beyrek who appears in the television series Diriliş; Ertugrul and Kuruluş Osman. This quiz may contain spoilers for Kuruluş Osman.  

When Bamsi Alp fought, he used...

1. One sword
2. A sword and dagger
3. An axe
4. 2 swords

Bamsi's favourite food was...

1. Honey
2. Pastrami
3. Fruit
4. Soup

What is going on in the scene pictured?

1. Bamsi reading a recipe
2. Bamsi learning to read
3. Bamsi studying a map
4. Bamsi teaching children to read

In season 2 of Resurrection Ertugrul, Bamsi made a late appearance. His scene of arrival was...

1. He saved Samsa and Bogac from Mongols
2. He brought Sungurtekin Bey to the tribe
3. He arrived at the Dodurga Tribe with Yiğit and Dündar
4. He saved Gunkut Alp from Mongols

Bamsi said "I love my horse like it's my wife and my horse like it's my son" but later went on to marry...

1. Hafsa Hatun
2. Maria
3. Banu Cicek Hatun
4. Aslihan Hatun

How many children did Bamsi Alp have and what were their names?

1. 2 children- Aslihan and Aybars
2. 2 children- Aslihan and Osman
3. 1 child- Aslihan
4. 3 children- Aybars, Gunduz, Aslihan

What did Bamsi Alp do that led to Ertugrul removing him as Chief Alp?

1. He failed to obey an order
2. He easily got distracted during battle
3. He was constantly eating
4. He betrayed the tribe

In the first episode of Kuruluş Osman, which of Bamsi Alp's children is martyred?

1. Aybars
2. Aslihan
3. Gunduz
4. Savci

In Kuruluş Osman, which character was responsible for the death of Bamsi's child but became a Muslim after being shown mercy by Bamsi?

1. Abu Bakr Siddik
2. Burcin
3. Goktuğ
4. Ahmet

What is the name of the actor who plays Bamsi Alp?

1. Engin Altan Düzyatan
2. Cengiz Coşkun
3. Cavit Cetin Guner
4. Nürettin Sönmez

Which of the following quotes did Bamsi say?

1. "People with big responsibilities also face big challenges"
2. "Pens can solve what weapons cannot"
3. "The real hero is the one who knows how to rise when he falls down"
4. "Hope is the best cure for the biggest problems"

All 11 questions completed!

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How well do you know Bamsi Beyrek?

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