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The Ultimate Selcan Hatun Quiz

The Ultimate Selcan Hatun Quiz

How well do you know Selcan Hatun?

Disclaimer: this quiz may include Kuruluş Osman spoilers! 

Who was Selcan Hatun married to?

1. Dundar Bey
2. Tugtekin Bey
3. Sungurtekin Bey
4. Gundoğdu Bey

Who was the sister of Selcan Hatun?

1. Goncagul Hatun
2. Gokce Hatun
3. Aykiz Hatun
4. Halime Hatun

What was the name of Selcan's father who betrayed Suleyman Shah?

1. Kurdoglu Bey
2. Akcakoca Bey
3. Alptekin Bey
4. Alpsungur Bey

For what reason did Selcan Hatun conspire with Kurdoğlu Bey?

1. To make Kurdoğlu the Bey of the Kayi Tribe
2. To kick Ertuğrul out of the Kayi Tribe
3. To kill Suleyman Shah
4. To make Gundoğdu the Bey of the Kayi Tribe

Who did Selcan Hatun accuse of causing her to have a miscarriage?

1. Goncagul Hatun
2. Halime Hatun
3. Aslihan Hatun
4. Aykiz Hatun

How did Selcan Hatun redeem herself after realizing the sins she had committed?

1. She sought advice from Ibn Arabi, confessed her mistakes and sincerely repented
2. She committed suicide
3. She was exiled from the Kayi Tribe
4. She was punished in front of the whole tribe

What happened which led to Gundoğdu Bey eventually forgiving Selcan Hatun despite her bad deeds?

1. Selcan Hatun saved Ertuğrul's life
2. Selcan Hatun saved Gundoğdu's life, which almost cost her her own life
3. Selcan Hatun gave birth to a healthy baby
4. Selcan Hatun saved the Kayi Tribe from disaster by admitting her faults and pointing out the traitors

Which enemy kidnapped Selcan Hatun?

1. Titus
2. Albasti
3. Noyan
4. Dragos

In season 2 of Diriliş Ertuğrul, although no one believed her, Selcan Hatun was aware of which character's schemes?

1. Goncagul Hatun and Aytolun Hatun
2. Gumustekin Bey and Noyan
3. Gokce Hatun and Aytolun Hatun
4. Tugtekin Bey and Korkut Bey

What is the name of the actress who plays Selcan Hatun?

1. Burcu Kiratli
2. Esra Bilgic
3. Gülsim Ali
4. Didem Balçin

What were the names of Selcan Hatun's children?

1. Süleyman Alp, İltekin Bey
2. Süleyman Alp, Aygül Hatun
3. Dündar Bey, Osman Alp
4. Aybars Alp, Süleyman Alp

In Kuruluş Osman, who did Selcan Hatun take under her wing and train as a fighter?

1. Bala Hatun
2. Aygül Hatun
3. Gonca Hatun
4. Aslihan Hatun

Selcan Hatun is famous for slapping people. Which of the following people did she NOT slap?

1. Aygül Hatun
2. Tangut
3. Gokce Hatun
4. Ilbilge Hatun

Selcan Hatun had a knack for...

1. Sensing evil intentions
2. Archery
3. Weaving carpets
4. Sensing good intentions

Which of the following quotes did Selcan Hatun say?

1. "There is no mercy for the merciless"
2. "The real gift is seeing what the eye cannot see"
3. "Do not try to ride a horse you cannot control"
4. "When God gives pain He also provides the cure"

All 15 questions completed!

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